Conference Rooms
Whenever you're looking for a press room for your photography activities, be sure that BestTake will be able to provide one for you! Our typical arrangement includes 7 chairs, but additional chairs can be moved in if needed. This is perfect for clients who need their clients to be able to work on their laptops during breaks in your shooting schedule, or for private client meetings. The conference room may be booked for only $25 hourly.
Makeup Rooms
Whenever there's a photo shooting occurring, whether it is a professionally conducted one or just for fun, there's a makeup that gets involved. It may also be rented hourly for Headshot Studio photographers or for makeup artists who don’t need studio space, such as makeup artists doing trial runs for brides, private lessons, etc. Includes:
Big Studio Rental
When we're renting our Studio B out, this always means that it's completely ready and fully-equipped for any kind of a photoshoot to occur there on any day.Starting with the lighting, cameras for rent, the white and green screens, tripods and steadycams - we've got it all for any hobbyist or a professional photographer!
Being one of the biggest photography studios in the area, we're able to offer as many services to our guests as possible.Renting out, so to speak, one of our very own photography pros is just one of the services we offer. Either of them is both skilled and experienced in doing all kinds of event, commercial & personal photography...
Event Photography
Besides renting out our vast & well-lit photography studios, renting photography gear out and providing you with an option to hire one of our photographers for a shoot, we also do event photography on-location. On-location event photography can be very tricky - be it a wedding or a baby shower - so hiring a pro is probably a good idea!